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The Drum

Issue 77. Spring 2020

Safe & Sound Mini-cast Episode 5


Episode 5 of Safe & Sound features a magical bird, a hypnotist and two writers with work perfectly suited to our current crisis. Tune in to meet debut novelist Jennifer Rosner and memoirist Sue William Silverman as they read from their new books and discuss creativity, survival and the importance of gallows humor. (8:53)

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Safe & Sound Mini-cast Episode 4


Mysterious dreams, red tulips and a suspicious car on a snowy Moscow night—all this can be found in Episode 4 of Safe & Sound. Listen in to meet writers Ann Lewinson and Carrie Callaghan as they introduce their brand-new books. (6:56)

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Safe & Sound Mini-cast Episode 3


Liven up your couch-to-kitchen commute with tales of mug shots, animal companions, unexpected heirlooms and facing the worst-case scenario with Emily Dickinson. Tune in to meet memoirist Alia Volz and poet Lesley Wheeler on Episode 3 of Safe & Sound. (6:56)

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Safe & Sound Mini-cast Episode 2


No trips to the bookstore this weekend, but you can tune in to Episode 2 of Safe & Sound to discover brand new books by writers Vanessa Hua and Gila Green. Listen in as they share stories about breaking and entering, elephant poaching and baking bread. (6:53)

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Safe & Sound Mini-cast Episode 1


Though you may be hunkered down indoors, you can still reach out and connect to fresh voices and new stories. Check out the first episode of our “mini-cast,” Safe & Sound, where you’ll meet memoirist Helen Fremont, poet Jacob Strautmann, a West Virginia mining town and a "lightly used" cat. (5:02)

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Elizabeth Knapp reads her poems "Capital I," "Is That a Gun in Your Pocket" and "Self-Portrait as Kurt Cobain Wrestling with the Angel" and speaks with Poetry Editor Kirun Kapur about topics ranging from American politics to her advice to young poets. (12:59)

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