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The Drum

Issue 3. July 2010

Drum Archives: Now Available Through Audible

While everything on The Drum is free to download or listen to on the site, our older material will eventually go into our archives, which you can find on Click here to see our materials on Audible--so far, our first six months' worth of audio. You can hear a brief sample of each piece on our site by clicking its play button.

STORIES ON THE STREET The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame


Who better to read aloud Kenneth Grahame's famous passage about the delight of "messing about in boats" than the rowers and staff at Boston's Community Rowing, Inc.? The Drum stopped by the boathouse early one morning last week and found a group of willing--and even enthusiastic--participants just coming off the water. Community Rowing is one of the largest public boat clubs in the United States, introducing people of all ages and all abilities to the sport of rowing. Visit their website for more info. (:47)




Allison Williams’ “Snake” finds two children playing in a muddy yard. Their game turns to a scuffle made dangerous when their father returns, sure to be angry at the mess they’ve made. Williams’ brief piece offers an intense study of the blurred line between protection and harm. (4:16)

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VESTAL MCINTYRE Tickle or Torture


In his essay “Tickle or Torture,” Vestal McIntyre recounts his Wednesday-night teasings as the youngest of seven in an Idaho town. While his parents are attending Bible study, McIntyre is poked, prodded, tickled, and tortured by his siblings, although all he really desires is to be left alone. (:35)

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While her parents are attending her baby cousin’s circumcision ceremony, the teenage narrator of Jonathan Papernick’s “Skin for Skin” invites an intriguing new boy from school over to her home. The narrator is not Jewish, as her parents are, but her views on religion and family begin to change as she contemplates sleeping with the boy, demanding of him an intriguing bargain. (:32)

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PETE SMITH Testimony


The female narrator of Pete Smith’s “Testimony” tells the story of an affair that starts with a cloud of drinks and ends in the mystery of not knowing a partner. Smith explores the ways in which a self can become lost between a past and a present, youth and maturity--and intoxicating drinks and an even more intoxicating partner. (:34)

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TARA MASIH A Haunt of Memory


In Tara Masih’s “Haunt of Memory,” the narrator describes how he prunes the spirit tress of his blind friend Phineas to keep the bad spirits and memories away from his home. This short piece captures the beauty of the trees and of the friendship, and evokes an old man’s hard life on the edge of twilight. (:33)

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ADAM STUMACHER Local Appetites


Three narrators take the listener through a range of responses to American culture. A Bolivian tour guide, a Taiwanese businesswoman, and a young Palestinian give us three perspectives on America’s relations with the world, all of them with a hamburger at the core of the story. (:32)

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