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Stories on the Street: The Drum takes classic literature off the bookshelf and out into the street--or the restaurant, or the train station, the boathouse, the bar. We match the text with the location, and then we invite regular passersby to read the text aloud. At The Drum, we're convinced that everyone has a story. For Stories on the Street, it's an old story, but everyone has a voice.


Click here for all our Zip-Code Stories. Got 500 words about your zip code? Send them in. Zip-Code Stories is The Drum's project with WBUR's Radio Boston, inviting listeners and Drum fans to tell their fiction or non-fiction stories set in and around Greater Boston. Whether you're exploring a place that's new to you, or explaining a place you know like the back of your hand, we want to hear it. You can send us your piece through The Drum's submissions manager, or you can record it directly onto Broadcastr where The Drum is a featured content provider. For those who prefer snail mail, you can send your piece to WBUR in print. For more submissions guidelines, click here.

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