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Steven Brykman left medical school to write fart jokes as Managing Editor of National Lampoon. His work has appeared in Playboy, Cracked, Nerve, and The New Yorker where he was featured in Talk of the Town. He has written for and/or appeared on Prairie Home Companion, Comedy Central, G4TV, and the Food Network. As a writing fellow at the University of Massachusetts, his fiction was awarded the Harvey Swados prize. He has been thrown out of both the 2000 Democratic National Convention and the Smithsonian Museum and has on more than one occasion performed standup comedy naked.

Steven Brykman's essay "You Know How It Is" appeared in the January 2011 issue of The Drum and his essay "The Box" appears in the January 2013 issue. You can also find his writing for The Drum in our 2011 project for the Boston Book Festival, PerambuLit.

Audio Stories by STEVEN BRYKMAN

The Box

You Know How It Is