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The Drum


Cheryl Walsh earned a master’s degree in history at Cornell University and then followed the tug of fabrication to take her M.F.A. in fiction writing at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her creative work has appeared in Confrontation, Cicada, The William and Mary Review, and THEMA. A native Michigander and graduate of Michigan State University, she has traded in lake-effect snow squalls for prairie blizzards and now lives in Iowa City. In her day job she serves as grants director for Iowa’s state humanities council, and she comes home to a 100-year-old house that she shares with her husband, Australian photographer Bruce Hart.

Her story "Unequal Temperaments" appears in the November 2011 issue of The Drum. The story appeared in THEMA's Math & Music issue last year.

Audio Stories by CHERYL WALSH

Unequal Temperaments