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Special ProjectsFrom time to time, The Drum publishes special audio literary projects beyond our weekly short fiction and essays. MuseFlash with Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace conference, Zip-Code Stories with WBUR, Stories on the Street, and recorded live events with the Boston ...more
Stories from Our Print Journal PartnersThe Drum partners with Harvard Review, Ploughshares, AGNI, and Post Road to bring you audio versions of the selected stories from these journals' print editions. Check here regularly for audio recordings performed by local actors. Grab a copy of their newest issues ...more


We Are Now Paying ContributorsWe believe that creative work should be paid for. We are putting our money where our mouth is and are now paying contributors an honorarium of $50 for each essay, short story, or poetry submission. The Drum is supported entirely through donations ...more
Submissions Open Again!Submissions to The Drum are open again. Bear with us as we catch up, but eventually our aim is to respond within one month of receiving your work. ...more
MUSEFLASH 2015Congratulations to the winners of our fifth annual MuseFlash contest: Stephen Dorneman, Stacey Resnikoff, Louise Houghton, and Linda Cutting! Their flash  pieces were recorded live at GrubStreet's Muse and the Marketplace conference on May 2, 2015. Check out Issue 54 to hear ...more

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